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Color of Your August Wedding

Wedding Flowers for August 2017

For couples getting married in August, we can choose your colors for your wedding from a wide variety. Whether you want a seasonal feel or want to decorate with neutrals, you're sure to find a color combination that fits your wedding vision. Below are tips on choosing the right August colors to match your wedding theme, style, and locale.

Crazy for Yellow

While pale and pastel yellows are typically better suited to early spring, yellow is in vogue, and there are many shades that work well for August. Consider shades of yellow such as:

Yellow Flowers for August Wedding

  • Goldenrod

  • Sunflower yellow

  • Saffron

  • Dandelion

Yellow is a versatile color and can be used with many other colors in a late summer wedding, such as white, ivory, browns, oranges, blues, and violet/purples. However, yellow with pinks or greens is typically more popular for spring weddings.

Orange Explosion

Another on-trend wedding color is orange, in every shade imaginable. From peachy pinks to rich rust, orange can be a lovely August wedding color.

Bold Brown

While chocolate brown continues to be popular, seen in everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitations, dark, serious browns such as seal brown and baker's chocolate also provide plenty of appeals.

Neutral Grey

Grey is hot color, and incredibly versatile! While silver is well-suited to winter weddings, many other grey hues are great for late summer or early fall weddings. Consider:

  • Pearl grey

  • Dove grey

  • Steel grey

  • Slate

Pair grey with shades of blue, violet, or purple. Other hues that look striking with grey include yellow, deep aqua, and medium or muted oranges.

Color Grey for Wedding

Choosing Contrasting Colors

August is a month that hints at change and your wedding colors can reflect this sense of the season. Though bright greenery may still be on the scene, in many locations a richening of the landscape may occur with the colors of the harvest season and lightening skies. Use nature's prompting to come up with a scheme of two or three colors. Consider colors that may not initially seem to complement each other and you may be surprised at the stunning results.

Mix of Colors

For example, take candy red, robin's egg blue, and black-brown. While you may not immediately think of these shades as typical August colors for a wedding, when you look at the combination together it presents a fresh, modern, and yes - appropriate for August - scheme. Other combinations that utilize unique colors for fresh appeal for this interval month include:

  • Light grey, orange, and cream

  • Medium grey, deep butter yellow, and ivory

  • Deep brown, maple red, and slate

  • Wine or burgundy, wheat, and deep or navy blue

  • Goldenrod, violet, and burgundy

  • Wine with claret accents

  • Chocolate, black, and gold

  • Forest green and brown

  • Midnight blue and orange

  • Jade, maple, and ivory

Color Schemes That Match Your Vision

After considering all of the wedding colors appropriate for August, you'll have to make a choice that fits your wedding vision. Keep these factors in mind before making the final decision.

Seasonal Feel

A large factor in choosing the right August wedding color is the seasonal feel in the locale where you will be saying your vows. If you are planning a destination wedding where bright flowers will still be lending a mid-summer feel even at the end of August, you can easily go with bright colors like pinks, tangerines, and yellows. If you're getting married in your hometown that experiences an early onset of cool weather, you may want to opt for more autumn-inspired choices like burgundy, gold, or dark brown.

Wedding Atmosphere

Another consideration for an August wedding is the style and atmosphere of the wedding. A formal catered wedding at a reception hall in August may be stunning with dark blue and light grey. A rustic outdoor August wedding, on the other hand, would work well with colors like russet brown and sunflower yellow.

Beautiful August Weddings

Whether you go with a highly original or classic color scheme for your wedding, remember that if you love the colors and they reflect your style, what is traditionally an August color or trendy for the moment is secondary to creating your special stamp of color on your wedding day. You can't go wrong with wedding colors that make you happy!

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